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EMC Books

Suggested Books
  • A handbook for EMC testing and measurement.  David Morgan.  IEEE. ISBN 0 86341 262 9.
  • Controlling Radiated Emission by Design.  Michel Mardiguian.  Van Nostrand Reinhold,  ISBN 0-442-00949-6.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits.  Dhia, Ramdani, Sicard Editors.  Springer.  ISBN 0-387-26600-3.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility, principles and Applications.  David A. Weston.  Dekker, ISBN 0-8247-8507-X.
  • EMC for Product Designers.  Tim Williams.  Fifth Edition Newnes/Elsevier , ISBN 978-0-08-101016-7.
  • Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility.  Clayton Paul.  Wiley, ISBN 0-471-54927-4.
  • Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems.  Henry Ott.  Wiley,  ISBN 0-471-85068-3. 
  • Power line filter design for switched-mode power supplies.  Mark J. Nave.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN 0-442-00453-2.
  • Soft Ferrites, properties and applications.  E. C. Snelling.  Iliffe books.
  • Zzaap.  Taming ESD, RFI, and EMIM. Bruce Corp, Academic Press,  ISBN 0-12-189930-6.