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Technical Data


Ediss Electric provides contracted and daily basis electronic equipment compliance services and consultancy at product, PCB and component level. 

  • Product EMC Compliance and Testing
    Preparation of EMC test plans. Compliance testing and management service.

  • Assessment and Management of Radio Product Certification
    Determination of regulatory requirements. Preparation of EMC and Radio test plans. Overseeing and support of intentional-radiator EMC and Radio certification testing for international regulatory requirements, e.g. RED, FCC, MIC, in-country MII etc.
  • Concept, Pre-test and Diagnostic Analysis
    PCB layout evaluation.
    Emission and immunity pretest.
    Diagnostic and investigative work and problem solving on systems, products, printed circuit boards and at IC level.
    Emscan near-field real-time scanning investigations.
    On-site testing of radiated emission, ESD, etc.

  • Connector, Component and PCB  Subsection Characterization
    Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) assessments of connectors, decoupling components, PCB and coupon traces, interfaces to cables (SATA, HDMI, etc).