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Technical Data

What is EMC?

Electromagnetic Compatability (EMC) is an ability of equipment to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to the environment.

Signal Integrity (SI) is the ability of a signal to generate correct responses in a circuit. Signal Integrity is encompassed within the field of EMC but often receives specific  consideration to ensure circuit functionality.

A world without EMC would have many problems and concerns. For instance interference may cause your car safety features or engine control to fail. Automatic train doors may open when you use a mobile telephone. Or your favourite TV program could be rendered un-viewable by a personal computer operated nearby. In fact portable computers and CD players are not permitted to be operated on aircraft, to avoid the possibility of influencing navigation!

The proliferation of electronics in communications, control, computing and consumer products has focused much attention on EMC. Recognised potential interference problems and the possibility of disturbance to broadcast reception has prompted the introduction of legislation. Manufacturers of equipment now have EMC as an important requirement and wish to avoid jeopardising product release.